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    Why You Should Replace Poly-B Piping In Your Home

    Poly-B, or polybutylene pipe, is plastic piping that was a popular choice in homes from the early ‘70s to early 90s. Due to common problems that exist with Poly-B, most insurance companies won’t insure homes containing it. At Living Water Mechanical, we provide Poly-B plumbing inspection and replacement services in Kelowna and nearby communities to help ensure your property is safe from leaks.

    What Is Poly-B Piping?

    Once considered an easy and cost-effective plastic material for use as water supply lines in homes, around the 1980s, homes began to have issues with leaks. If you have Poly-B in your home, you may experience leaks due to high chlorine levels in the water supply or if the pipes were improperly installed. If your home is in an area with high water pressure, you could be at risk for already weakened pipes to rupture. You may not notice issues with Poly-B plumbing on the outside since any deterioration happens internally and could rupture at any time.

    Why Should You Replace Poly-B Piping?

    Poly-B plumbing has a track record of being an unreliable material where many leaks have been reported within 10-15 years after installation. This problem can cause an enormous loss, which is why it makes insurers nervous. Either they won’t insure you at all, or they will but at a higher premium. In some cases, insurance companies may require a homeowner to upgrade their plumbing in order to get coverage or reduce their deductible. If you are wondering if your property has Poly-B piping, you will want to look for grey-colored plastic pipes near your water heater or under your kitchen and bathroom sinks. If you discover that Poly-B pipes exist in your home, call our team at Living Water Plumbing to go over your options.


    What Can You Do To Maintain Your Poly-B Plumbing?

    If Poly-B pipes are in your home, it’s inevitable that you will need to replace those pipes sometime in the future. Here are a few tips on what you can do now to extend the life of your pipes and protect your home. 

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