Natural Gas Fireplace Repair Kelowna

    Gas Fireplace Repair Kelowna

    Natural Gas in Kelowna and Surrounding Area

    Living Water Mechanical provides professional services for natural gas repairs to help ensure your gas appliance operates properly. We have over 20 years of experience with keeping our customers safe from gas leaks and other related emergencies.

    Gas Line

    If you’re having issues with your BBQ or range gas lines, our expert team can provide professional gas line repairs and installations. Whether it’s a joint or connector problem, cracked seals, or an incorrectly-sized fitting, we have the experience and training to help repair and maintain your gas lines.

    Gas Leak

    If you notice a rotten egg smell, hissing sounds, or brown or dead grass in your yard, you may have a gas line leak that needs immediate attention. Living Water Mechanical is focused on keeping your family safe from harm while we work on gas line leaks or other serious plumbing issues.

    Gas Appliances

    When you’re upgrading to new gas appliances, switching from oil appliances to gas, or need to replace old, deteriorating gas pipelines, it’s essential to get professional help. Our team has the knowledge and skills to confidently and efficiently install or repair natural gas lines according to all building and safety codes.

    Gas Fireplace

    We specialize in providing natural gas fireplace repair in Kelowna and nearby communities. Whether you need to install a new gas fireplace, replacing an old one, or your existing one requires repairs, we focus on prompt, quality service while also protecting your property and loved ones.

    Natural Gas Fireplace Repair Kelowna

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