Drain Camera Inspection Kelowna

    Drain Camera Inspection in Kelowna

    Drain Camera & Locates in Kelowna and Surrounding Area

    When you have a sewer or drain blockage, our services for drain camera inspection in Kelowna and nearby cities can help quickly resolve the issue.

    What Is A Plumbing Camera?

    A plumbing camera helps our certified technicians to view what issues within your pipes are causing a blockage. It’s a safe and innovative way to easily visualize the problem and determine a fast solution.

    How It Works

    At Living Water Mechanical, our professional team inserts a flexible rod into your pipes with a state-of-the-art camera attached. The camera-equipped rod also has bright LED lighting to illuminate its journey through the pipes while sending the video images to a monitor. By viewing the video footage, our experts can diagnose the situation and provide an efficient solution.

    Benefits Of Using Camera Inspection

    Drain Camera Inspection Kelowna

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